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Under the British Standards (BS 5306-3:2009) it states that it is the employers responsibility to ensure the fire extinguishers on site are of adequate cover and are serviced at least once every 12 months by a competent person.

A competent person is a person undergone the relevant training and has received the experience and qualifications to service extinguishers to the British Standards.

All our engineers are fully qualified and some have had up to 25 years of experience behind them.

We offer service contracts for your piece of mind.

We will inspect your extinguishers and ensure you are fully covered if the worst was to happen.

There is 3 options to the type of cover you may like to receive.

Each range in price but cover more or less during each service interval:

Cover - Basic charge per fire extinguisher: Additional charges include parts, recharges, refills, replacement, 5 & 10 year testing, overhauls.

Cover Plus - Basic charge per fire extinguisher: Additional charges include, replacements, 10 year testing & overhauls.

Premium Cover - Set charge per fire extinguisher and no additional charges, does not cover vandalism.

You can chose whatever cover suits your workplace best.

If you would rather rent fire extinguishers rather than buy there is also and option to have a Rental Contract, contact us for more information.