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Commissioning is a big aspect when it comes to fire protection.

It has become all too easy to purchase cheap extinguishers off the internet or on a street market or even in a supermarket. This is for domestic use and for inside small personal cars.

Work premises is a different matter, each fire extinguisher come with a rating which allows the engineer to work out how many fire extinguishers and what type of fire extinguishers are required for each individual premises.

Even if you do purchase a extinguisher online and has been 'inspected' or 'serviced' it is not to the standards as the British Standards (BS 5306-3:2009) state that all new extinguishers must be Commissioned on site by a competent person before put into service.

Simply buying an extinguisher and hanging it on the wall will not do.

All our extinguishers come at competitive prices and include the commissioning within the price.

If you do choose to purchase your extinguisher elsewhere or you have a few extra ones lying around, that is not a problem but you will have to pay for the extinguisher to be commissioned before you can put it into your workplace.

If your unsure if your extinguishers have been commissioned give us a call and we can advise you what to look for and if you require an engineer we can get one sent out as soon as possible.